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Operation and Cover Updates!

Okay, so as promised I said I would collate the submissions for our prospective Daniels, but first… I’ve changed the cover of Sovereign Hope. I know people will think I’m crazy for agreeing to this just a little over a week before the release date, but it needed some COLOUR!!!

And red is always the way to go. Check it out….

What do we all think? Tough call… The panic starts to set in, clearly, a couple of days before sending your baby out into the big bad world, and I’m anxious to fiddle with things too much.

Anyway…. On to Daniel!!

Okay, first suggestion came from Brandy over at All The Fun Starts After Dark. She said, While reading the book I couldn’t help but picture this guy, Tyler Hoechlin from the Teen Wolf show on MTV. Don’t know if you can use a picture of a actor/model but in my opinion he’s definitely Daniel! 
Unfortunately, actors are kinda out of the question, however they’re still fun to post, so please feel free!!

Second pick came from Lis over at The Reader Lines. She suggested Danny Schwartz who’s a British model from Croyden. You can read more about Danny here: I like the fact that he’s already called Daniel. That’s gotta help, right?

 Alrighty, now onto one of the most avid Daniel supporters going, Ali from Ginger-Read Reviews. She has her eye on Oscar Spendrup. He’s a Swedish model; i went online to try and find out some more about Oscar but could only discern that he’s quite frequently termed as ‘The Tiger of Sweden.” Quite the accolade. You can learn more about Oscar here.

Carmen of Book Me! is joint crazy person with Ali, and has found this guy, Abel. And it is a cool name, Carmen! You can find out more about Abel here. I like the fact that he’s wearing a hat to keep warm. Keeping warm is important.

 I’ve thrown down the gauntlet to Carmen and Ali, and they have agreed to become official type Daniel investigators!!! I haven’t coined the perfect term for their particular office just yet, but it’s gonna come to me. I can feel it.

I’m going to leave it at four posts for now, but I will update in a few days with the next four. And when I reach fifteen, I’ll reveal my pick!!

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  1. Okay! I have to say this. I love Dani and I think he could be a very good Daniel… But Tyler Hoechlin? OHMYGOSH!!!!!! He is PERFECT!!!
    So sad he is an actor!

  2. I’m actually liking Lis’ pick! A lot! Off to google the yummy Danny Schwartz. Oh, and find more candidates for OP:FD! 😉

  3. Danny is a great choice!

  4. I love Tyler! I cant wait for todays episode of Teen Wolf 😛 But that sucks he is out of the question lol.

    I am loving Danny Schwartz as well!


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