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Artwork and Photography

     A muse or two…


There were so many reasons why I chose the different backgrounds for the book, especially some of the places Daniel and Farley went. Without giving anything away, I’d like to share some of the artwork, images and photos I’ve taken that inspired me to write Sovereign Hope. I hope you enjoy them!

Mitsuo Shoji

This painting is by my favourite artist, Mitsuo Shoji, who has been wonderful enough to give me permission to display his work on my site. In the book, there is a lot of interplay between light and dark, and Mitsuo’s paintings inspired me when trying to feel out an atmosphere and get it down on paper. I encourage everyone to go check out Mitsuo’s site at http://www.mitsuoshoji.com.au

Mitsuo Shoji, Fireball, copyright, 2012

Gatti’s under the Arches was a real music hall back in the 1860’s, and I did my best to describe it as faithfully as I could. Gatti’s still exists today on Villiers Street, however it was moved a couple of blocks further up and rebuilt in the same style as the original players’ theatre. Most oddly enough, it is now owned by the Sultan of Brunei.

This picture was taken just outside Fairbanks, Alaska, where my husband and I were lucky enough to go dog sledding. The manager of the kennels was this super sweet German guy who treated us to walks with the dogs. The dog in the middle of this picture along with the one to its right were tied together because one would come back when called but the other wouldn’t. This made for some very entertaining battle of the wills- all very funny until they came barrelling past us, one on either side, and took us out.

The most breath-taking thing I have ever seen. I felt truly blessed in seeing this.  It really felt like a precious gift. I’ll never forget it for as long as I live. The locals were talking about this light show for days after it happened; they said it was the most spectacular one they’d had for years.

At 3 Dog Night in Fairbanks, AK. We took the snow machines out during the day and had a blast, then came home and was greeted with this sight. It was -26 f, but I just had to get a photograph. It took a long time to get the exposure settings right to capture the beauty of the night sky, and I’m pretty sure I got mild frost bite, but it was totally worth it. The soft pink hue in the background is the dying breath of the sun sinking below the horizon.

This big guy was a malamute husky called Monster, and he was a million years old. He had severely arthritic joints and walking was a huge deal for him. We had to tie him to a tree half way because he could barely stand in the deep snow, and he howled for his buddies the whole time we were gone. Made for a very haunting walk. He was a big sook. The dude with the snow shoes is my awesome husband, Nick.

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